Dear Student

    We are working on a war footing to correct the situation of
    1) deliveries not done
    2)items missing and
    3) items wrongly sent.

    We will communicate to you by Monday our rectification procedure. We request you to kindly bear with us for the time being.

    Team Kydsmart

    • Shoes for BHS Class Nursery to Class 5 (Junior Section)

      BHS Junior has not recommended shoes so under school shopping we have not listed shoes for BHS Junior. Under the Shoes category you WILL NOT FIND any listing for shoes

      BIRLA HIGH SENIOR HAS PRESCRIBED ADIDAS and in class 6 to 12 Adidas shoes will show.

      • Our new customer care number : 1800 200 3564.

        Earlier customer care numbers are getting deactivated.

        • NCERT Books not included in Full Set (Shown separately under additional books

          The NCERT books are not eligible for any discount and hence not included in the full set. They are separately shown under additional books but form part of the Booklist. 

          • Notice for Class 9 SBGS - English Book & Maths books (Publisher APC) not included in Class 9 Set.

            English : There is a very recent change by CBSE in Class 9 English due to which the school has asked us not to include/sell English books in the class 9 List. 

            Maths: The maths books Secondary Mathematics (publisher APC) is still under print and hence not included in the list

            • Order pick up from our office - Not possible

              We will not able to accept requests from customers for coming and picking their orders from our office as despatches are being done from a THIRD PARTY Warehouse. The warehouse does not have/allow any facility for pickup 

              • Sale for Class 11 (CBSE) on hold

                Due to recent changes in CBSE Class 11 syllabus the sale for Class is on hold. PLease do not place orders for Class 11 till further notice

                • Payment options - Cash on Delivery not possible

                  Payment options on Kdysmart are : Credit Card / Debit Card / Net Banking / BHIMUPI / Paytm

                  We are not being able to offer CoD facility.

                  • Class 6 NCERT Maths Book - non availability

                    The Class 6 NCERT Maths Book is currently not available in the market and the availability of the book going forward is not known. 

                    • Request for urgent deliveries

                      We are not in a position to handle request for urgent/early deliveries or deliveries on particular dates as our Packing and Delivery is being handled by a 3rd parry logisitics service provider. We earnestly request you not to place such requests